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Lyndhurst locksmith: What to do when you’re locked out of your house

You stepped out for JUST two seconds. Maybe you left the house to quickly tell a family member something or to check your mail. Then the wind slams your door shut and just like that, you’re locked out of your house. Here at Lyndhurst locksmith we’ve heard many stories like this and I’m sure you have a few of your own to share. As a result of this, a question that Lyndhurst locksmith gets asked all the time is: What do you do when you’ve been locked out of your house? Well, you have a few options which Lyndhurst locksmith explains below.

Check your windows

Lyndhurst locksmith recommends that the first thing you do is check if there are any windows or back doors open on the ground floor. Walk around your house and if there’s a window open, Lyndhurst locksmith recommends you get inside the house through there.

If there are no windows open you do have the option of breaking a window but Lyndhurst locksmith doesn’t recommend you do this. You see, Lyndhurst locksmith believes breaking your window causes more harm than good. Lyndhurst locksmith believes breaking into your house through the window could pose a security threat for you and your family if you have a broken window overnight and it can very expensive to fix.

Your spare key

Lyndhurst locksmith recommends that you give one spare key to a trusted friend or neighbour. This way you can simply call your friend or walk to neighbour’s house and get it.However, Lyndhurst locksmith knows friends and neighbours aren’t always available when you need them.

Plus, it’s very likely that your phone is locked in the house! Another option Lyndhurst locksmith recommends is that you have a spare key hidden somewhere in your property. Lyndhurst locksmith recommends you hide it in places like the garage or where most people won’t think to look. For good key-cutting services, call Lyndhurst locksmith.

Call a locksmith

If all your windows are closed and you don’t have access to any spare key, it’s time to call a locksmith. Lyndhurst locksmith says that a good locksmith can have you in back in your house fast. But be careful who you call. Lyndhurst locksmith recommends you have the number of a reputable locksmith before you need one. This will make sure you’re not a victim of opportunistic locksmiths who want to take advantage of your situation.

But there’s good news. Lyndhurst locksmith has identified a few warning signs you can use quickly to decide whether you can trust the locksmith or not. Lyndhurst locksmith recommends that you ask for an estimate over the phone. Be wary if they refuse to give it. Lyndhurst locksmith says that this could be a sign of a person with little experience or a scam artist.

Lyndhurst locksmith recommends that you pay close attention to their service. How do they answer the phone? Are they courteous? Do they answer your questions? Lyndhurst locksmith says that poor service could be a sign that they aren’t professionals or that it’s a scam operation. Contact Lyndhurst locksmith today for more information on all your locksmith needs.